About Us

Al-Magor was founded 25 years ago and is engaged in the development and production of unique and original tools for punching holes and inserting connectors in irrigation pipes. These products are hand-crafted and meticulously designed to create precise holes for the installation of drippers, start connectors and sprinklers into irrigation pipes. The Tools developed by the company are in made in cooperation with the largest Irrigation pipes manufacturers like Netafim, Metzer, Rivulis and others. 

The range of products provides solution for every hole and pipe size, holes from 2 mm to 33 mm and for pipes of all sizes.

The Tools are suitable for all types of irrigation pipes, Polypropylene, PVC and LAYFLAT.

Alongside the standard product line, Al-Magor has developed over the years dedicated tools compatible for various accessories of its customers.

Much thought has been invested in the development of instruments of high quality, without compromising comfortable to use and most important, save labor time in the field.

Most of the Tools were registered as patents in Israel and abroad.

Al-Magor products are sold in Israel and abroad into market segments of agriculture and gardening.